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Shumar Engineering, Hattingspruit


A warm welcome from Shumar Engineering, your qualified partner in efficient crushing since more than 50 years.

Shumar Engineering is one of the leading locally designed and built coal crusher manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa and has grown enormously since its beginnings in 1958.

Shumar developed its first Double Roll crusher in 1964 and patented the design, which is still being built by the company today.

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Shumar exports worldwide since 1996, whilst Indonesia, Australia
and China currently our biggest customers are.

Correct coal crushing is a vital part of coal processing and Shumar decided to specialise in crushers because of the huge market demand. The development of Shumar's crusher, has meant that mines have been able to improve the efficiency of the whole processing plant and the profitability of the mine by decreasing the overall fines production (pulverised coal that is of no use) from 55 down to 22 percent.

Our Double Roll crusher design is so unique that international universities have even phoned the company to ask the engineers about the calculations used, as no one else seemed able to replicate our design properly.

Please understand our homepage as a premier guide to your initial crusher selection, then contact our engineers who can advise you in your final selection and discuss various options to choose the correct machine for your crushing application.

For more detailed information feel free to contact us via our contactform at any time.

with kind regards,

Wolfgang Schuette
Managing Director